Why Not to Use PPC Automation Tools

The concept of the search marketing is very dynamic. The people associated with marketing on the internet have to be extremely aware of the latest trends that are going on in the market. In order to dominate the search results and promote yourselves, you have to take care of every aspect that you might face in the search engines. PPC is bid management software. Google has recently entered the arena of the automated bidding and is doing quite well. It has taken the help of the AdWords and the Automated Rules for the bid management.

Following are the reasons you should not use the PPC Automation Tools. You must keep these points in mind before settling upon a decision:

  • The lower bids are often granted for the keywords that are on the edge: most of the times, the top ads cover the whole of the screen of the user, thus providing less chances for the ads on the bottom to come into view. Sometimes, the situation happens that the AdWords have the average position of 2.6 but become unprofitable in nature. Although it is not much loss of profits, but in the end, it definitely creates an impact. Automation tools work in a way that if your ad is on the number 5 in the results, most likely you will get three conversions on an average, per day. In contrast, the top three ads enjoy 10 conversions each day. This makes a huge impact.


  • Such softwares cannot predict the future for you: Sometimes, the situations change the course and your unprofitable keywords suddenly turn out to be extremely profitable ones. PPC Automation tools can never predict the future results or the outcomes of any effort. E.g., if you use the keywords related to some festival, all of the year they might be unprofitable in nature but whenever the festivals comes round the corner, it becomes your goldmine. Such tools can only analyze the past data but not the upcoming events.


ppc automation


  • Relieves you from your most important responsibilities: an Automation tool does the whole task by themselves. This makes you feel that you have freed yourselves from the responsibility of taking some of the very important decision on what needs to be done and the actions to be performed in future to yield better results. With the automated tools, you tend to focus less on the most important areas that can prove to be detrimental for your website.


  • Risky: these can prove to be very risky as if you keep on waiting for your bids to recover and suddenly your competitor follows an extensive promotion strategy, there is high possibility that he would take away all the conversions leaving you to lament over the unprofitable risk. Such a case would hide all of your keywords, whether profitable or unprofitable. In the future, even if your bids recover, there is possibility that you might have to start form the scratch to gain and fix your position in the market.

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