How to Setup Product Listing Ads

What are Product Listing Ads (PLA)?

Any physical product that is for sale on your eCommerce website needs a product listing ad. PLAs give complete information on the product including products’ images, prices, features and a precise description within Google search results. PLAs are charged only for clicks and you pay Google only when a customer lands on your page via PLA. Setting up a PLA ad campaign could be a little more difficult than a regular Adwords Campaign. This article will take you through the process of setting up a PLA.

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  1. Link your accounts

The first thing that needs to get done before setting up your PLA is the creation of an Adwords account and merchant center.

Your Google merchant center must be up-to-date with product details because this is where PLAs draw their product information.

Follow the steps to link Adwords account to your merchant center account

  1. Click on Settings->Adwords
  2. Enter Adwords Customer ID.
  3. Click Add.

Link other Adwords accounts you have with your Merchant center account. You have ‘activate’, ‘deactivate’ and ‘remove’ options also.

  1. Create a new shopping campaign

Once you have created an Adwords account with Standard or Administrative access and a Merchant center account with the same login ID, use this to create PLAs.

  • Click on ‘Create Shopping Campaign’ button to start the process.
  • Give an appropriate name to the campaign and select Product Listing Ads in the Type section.
  • Enter your location, location options, languages and bidding, budget details.
  • Check the box to extend my ads with product details from Google merchant center in the Ad extensions section.
  • Finish the campaign setup

  1. Create ad groups

  • On the next screen create ad groups.
  • Give a descriptive name to your ad group.
  • Check the All products checkbox.
  • You don’t have to write any ads and Google provides the base with information extracted from your merchant center feed.
  • Set up attribute properties for your campaign.

  1. Create Product targets

Your PLAs must have at least one Product target to tell which products you want to promote. A product feed for all products in your campaign is created automatically during the initial setup of a PLA. Additional product targets can be added using the Auto targets tab.

Employ a strategy that is well suited for your campaign in setting up the product targets

Some of the targeting options available to set up targets are

  • Brand
  • Product type
  • Custom defined attributes
  • SKU or product id

In nutshell…

PLAs differ from regular AdWords campaign in the aspect that they do not have quality score. It is important to review the performance metrics regularly to evaluate the benefits of PLA to your campaign.  PLAs can be used for advertising a coupon code or other specials that you run for your products. It has to be regularly updated. Though PLA does not use keywords it is advised to use negative keywords to limit your results to only targeted audience.  You can use Google Spreadsheet to add the data feed in your Google merchant center for your products.

Make use of the PLAs that are a great way to increase sales in your eCommerce store selling a variety of products.

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