How to make money fast with affiliate marketing

Blogging is becoming one of the best ways to earn money from home, or either professionally. There are many methods and ways to earn money from blogging, however, affiliate marketing is the best of all and churns out more profit than any other way out in the market.

As apparent from name, affiliate marketing is the process of referring unique (new) customers to a particular website or page, the owner of which pays in cash or in kind in return. The pre-requisites are not so hefty; neither will they require any knowledge related to technology. Bare minimum knowledge will be enough, however, the more, the better.

The pre-requisites and process

  • A Blog or a Website: While for a start-up, a blog will be better, as no cost is to be incurred in the initial period itself. A proper website can also be opted for if one is able to pay the expenses of hosting and domain ownership. This is required so that we can publish our content or can refer out visitors to the other website through the same. It is to be ensured that affiliate links always work, if not, the same shall be corrected first.
  • An affiliate:An affiliate can be a person or a company that hires your services to generate unique visitors through your website. In return, he, she or they will pay you. To get an affiliate, you can search for the same on search engines or manually visit each website. If you apply for the program, you will be provided a unique referral link, referral code or something like that to confirm that you sent the person. The pay rate can depend on a factor or mode, for example, you may be paid for per click rate, per visit or per purchase.
  • A payment method: After you have reached your payment mark, you need to add a supported payment method to cash out your earnings. There are different payment methods and accordingly the payment mode will vary. Say, you have chosen NEFT as preferred payment, you will get the amount in your bank account.

Some tips on speeding earnings

  • Use Search Engine Optimization: It is often stated that SEO is a blogger’s best friend. SEO simply boosts your visitors and accordingly the visitors to your affiliate’s website. Moreover, if you link an affiliate that deals in your niche, you might be able to earn more. For example, your website is about blogging and therefore you need to outsource links to a hosting website.
  • Always stick with a niche-website: Niche websites, i.e. websites dealing in specific field of study are the best to make today. Why so? Because dealing in too much content will simply affect your information and therefore drive away ‘possible’ long term visitors and new visitors from your website, resulting in low affiliate earnings.
  • Interact with your audience: For example, if a user asks you to helping him or her choose the best hosting website, you can say the name of your affiliate website.

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