Google Launches Website Call Conversions

Good news to all those hard striving PPC campaigners from Google AdWords is its introduction of a new tool “Website call conversion”. The tool is highly effective for tracking the call one gets through PPC Campaigns for business purposes. This could mean a whole lot of opportunities for a better optimization of your ads and larger revenues. Let us see what exactly this awesome tool does and how it works.


What does it do?

Consumers may call you directly for business but previously there were no ways you could link or know whether they called you as a result of your ads. Website call conversion feature lets you keep track of where your calls are coming from and how your PPC campaign affects the call volume and quality.  This tool gives a measurement of calls whenever a visitor landing on a website makes a call as a result of an Adwords Ad click. This is accomplished by dynamic number forwarding.

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How does it work?

A snippet of code provided by Google does the magic. This code can be added to both mobile and desktop versions of your site. The code generates a unique forwarding number for each Ad click and will be valid for 90 days letting you track call conversions from a particular visitor.  You are allowed to make some formatting customizations to the number and make them go along with your websites overall design.

You can get results using the Conversion reporting and in Call detail which include the number and duration of each call.

How can you set up Website call conversion?

A simple step by step tutorial that Google offers you can be followed to get this fantastic tool working for you PPC Campaign.

  • Activate call extension. Setup the call extension in the Ad extension tab in your AdWords account.
  • Generating the code can be done with the help of Conversions tab in Tools.
  • Enter the name of a conversion and set your preferences and get the copy of the code either by mail or add it yourself to your site’s HTML.
  • Add the Javascript code snippets to each page you need the call tracking to work.

The JS code snippet has a function _googWcmGet that replaces your phone number with a unique Google forwarding number. It has 3 parameters namely target, business_number and options.

You can use Google’s help resources to have a complete understanding of the different options as where to include the code into your website.

Benefits of website call conversions

Some of the ways its benefits PPC Campaigns are

  • Reporting shows which keywords drive calls and hence allows for better keyword optimization.
  • You can use target CPA and Target ROAS flexible bid strategies with the help of this tool.
  • It can be used in addition with other call tracking solutions and with Adwords click-to-call.
  • It lets you maximize website call conversions and conversion value and make auction-time bid adjustments.
  • You can track your ROI on Ads even when customers call you directly

It is noted that 70 % of mobile users call business owners directly from ads and hence Website is likely to become one of the most popular tools among Adwords advertisers with its ability to provide better optimization for your PPC Campaigns.

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