Facebook is rolling out the most awaited ‘dislike’ button

The ‘dislike’ button on facebook has been in the news for quite a time now. Now, the news is finally official that Facebook will be rolling out the dislike button in quite some time now. The fact that is weird but quite obvious that earlier, people were eagerly waiting for the dislike button to make its debut on facebook. Now, as the news is official, the people are showing resentment towards it owing to various facts. While listening to the news, you must be very excited to finally find a way out to show your true emotional towards the boring jokes, irritating selfies, 24*7 posts, unethical pictures, etc. Right? Well, the dislike button is like a coin with both the negative as well as the positive sides. Since it felt awkward to like the news of people’s demise or illness, therefore the dislike button is being worked upon. However, it is also possible that it might make people show the sarcasm or negativity towards others for completely no reason.

facebook dislike

Why Dislike Button?

The very first question that arises in the minds of the people is regarding the reason for this button. People have been demanding the dislike button form a long time due to various reasons. According to Mark Zuckerberg, “Not every moment is a great moment”. What he meant by this statement people do not feel comfortable in liking the pictures of negative stuff like announcement of deaths, accidents, illness, disasters, etc. They felt the need of having something that can show their resentment towards the picture, posts or the news. However, it is not yet clear whether it would seem to be okay to dislike for the posts that demand empathy. Facebook can use some other way out or a button to make people show the empathy, as morally it does not seem to be correct to dislike the posts regarding some sad news.

Will it be successful?

As far as it can be seen for now, this button would be thoroughly misused by the people with negative mindset. There are very low chances that this button would be used for the purpose it is meant to be. There are so many people with negative mindset that would ‘dislike’ the posts of others just for fun or for the sake of sarcasm. If such a thing goes on, the day is not that far when people would actually stop posting things on facebook with the fear of the social rejection. The only solution lies in using the button judiciously for the purposes it is meant to be.

When it will be implemented?

The exact date of the debut of dislike button on facebook is not yet known. According to Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of facebook, facebook is working on the button and would soon begin its testing. Once the testing is completed, only then it will be launched worldwide to the facebook users. Until then, all we can do is wait for it.

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