Best Tips Increase Your Referral Traffic

Every website owner would be delighted to have a higher traffic to their sites. While direct traffic and search engine traffic do give a lot of page landings referral traffic comes out as the clear winner with its high percentage of conversions compared to other forms of traffic. So how do you increase your referral traffic? Here are some useful tips that you can use to increase the referral traffic to our websites.

refferal traffic tips

What exactly is referral traffic?

It is the traffic generated from sources from all around the World Wide Web. It can come from anywhere be it a blog, a backlink, a social media post or a tweet.

Why your site should have better referral traffic?

Referral traffic gives your site trustable traffic flow and brand awareness among customers. The more the referral traffic the higher is your Google ranking. This in turn gives you more site visits and potential for higher revenue.

Some ways you can make this happen efficiently are

  • A great content

While it is mandatory that your content should be relevant to have better landing page experience and site visits, you must also try to make it more creative and engaging for the visitors. A visitor who has been impressed by your content could share it in his or her blog or social networks that will help boost your brand’s presence. Further they may also reblog it and add back links to your blog all contributing to higher referral traffic. Keep in mind the following to create awesome contents.

  • Visual appeal
  • Useful material
  • Humor
  • Show your company’s personality
  • Relevance
  • Be up to date
  • Include blogs, ebooks, demos webinars, videos, infographics etc. as and when needed.
  • Share our content online.
  • Social media

There is no other platform like social media that can help you reach the mass of people. The first thing you have to do is of course have good quality content that will make your audience never regret spending time on it. Post your interactive and amazing contents in Facebook, Pinterest or any social media like Flickr, LinkedIn and many more. You can boost your social media referrals with the help of techniques like

  • Social sharing widgets
  • Viral conversations
  • Friend invites
  • Social commenting
  • Blogs

This is a battlefield where all brands want to make their presence clearly known. A typical company can post about 15 blogs or more per month. They are one huge source of referral links with about 434% of the increase in indexed pages.

Use techniques like Anchored links to exploit the customer’s varied interests. Connect with individual bloggers related to your domain to gain a trustable brand name.

Avail any opportunity to present your blogs as guest posts on any website. They may have strict rules on the number of words and anchored links, be sure to read the guidelines.

  • News referrals

Newsworthy press releases can be of great help in driving traffic to your website. Announce your product release, partnerships and with worthy press releases, writers will automatically flock to cover more news about your company that is sure to give you some bundles of traffic with republishing and further articles.

  • Pinterest

Pinterest is fast growing in the digital marketing space and has proved its worth in creating huge volumes of referral traffic. It is time you spend some time on pinning.

  • Social bookmarking

Social bookmarking sites allow you to tag online resources and can be a huge generator for referral traffic. Reddit and StumbleUpon are good choice for social bookmarking of your great contents.

Make the most out of it wisely!

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