5 Best SEO Tools That You Must Try For Better Performance

Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO is a famous method by which you can get your website to rank higher in a search engine’s result page. SEO is an effective method to increase the traffic on your website, and make your product appeal to a wider number of audience in a short time. Moreover, with the help of SEO, your business can easily flourish.

It provides you with a cost effective way to easily advertise your business. All you have to do is set up your website in a way that the search engine crawlers find it worthy to be placed in the top results. To do so, you have to take various things in mind like put the best unused keywords in your content, update your website on a daily basis, make it more readable by removing anything unnecessary.

best seo tools

SEO comes with great benefits, but it is equally hard to set up a website, which is totally SEO-friendly, as there is much competition on the internet, which aims for the top as well. In order to be better than these websites, it is essential to make use of some tools, which further helps you to organize your websites better, and make them SEO-friendly. Following is the list of 5 such tools:

  1. SEMRush

It is known to be the best tool for competitive analysis. The tool provides you with data of your rivalsSEO efforts. You can easily check their highest ranking keywords, and analyze their strategy. Using this, you can set up your own strategy, and rank higher than them. Other than competitive analysis, SEMRush offers site audit, advertising insights, position tracking and several other features, which can help your website.

  1. Majestic

Majestic comes out as a powerful SEO tool, which crawls the entire internet, makes logs of the billions of backlinks, and makes all this data available to you. Majestic can be used to download all of these links, check referring domains, citation flow, tropical trust flow, and trust flow in order to check the quality of the links.

  1. Open Site Explorer by SEOMoz

The Open Site Explorer by Moz provides an efficient way for link building. Through the use of this tool, you will be able to create a campaign, in which you can track your website’s link profile over the time, against your rivals. You will also be able to find new link opportunities with the tool.

  1. Screaming Frog

The tool is a highly useful tool, and it will search the entire data of a website you mention. It will display all the data of that specific website, and also show you any errors, if there are any. Everything including page title, meta tags, word count is captured by this amazing tool.

  1. BuzzShare

BuzzShare is an incredibly efficient tool, which can help you to check what is trending on the social media platforms, and give you insights on what content is working. Through the use of this tool, you will be able to check out the most shared content on social media platforms.

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